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Fair and Green

It’s important that promotional clothing and gifts are produced in a fair way. The raw materials are just as important. Where do they come from and how are they produced? For many products, you can choose from green raw materials. For example made of Fairtrade cotton and GOTS organic cotton, bamboo, recycled PET bottles (RPET), etc. We offer you that choice and produce it fair for a fair price!


Our ECO collection sustainable clothing.

Here we present our ECO collection sustainable workwear & promotional clothing. We produce custom-made every article in the style, colour and with the print or embroidery of your choice. Click on the article of your choice and ask for a custom quote! For standard quality promotional clothing and promotional items, click here, for RPET promotional clothing and promotional items, from recycled PET bottles, click here.

ECO Custom Made products







A lot of water and harmful chemicals are used in the cultivation of conventional cotton. This causes damage to people and the environment. An alternative is organic cotton. Our custom-made clothing is made from 100% GOTS certified BIO cotton and produced under socially responsible conditions.


100% BIO cotton means that the cotton is not sprayed with synthetic pesticides. This is better for the environment and for your skin.


100% BIO cotton stands for cotton grown without fertilizer. As a result, the cotton plant grows more slowly, but it does make beautiful, strong fibres.


The BIO cotton we process complies with the international standard for organic cotton (GOTS) and has been demonstrably certified by an independent body. The worldwide standard provides for, among other things, the use of environmentally friendly means and water purification at the factories. The certification also requires compliance with social criteria in cotton cultivation and processing into fabric. These include minimum wage, no child labour and safe and clean working conditions.


Fairtrade briefly explained

Fairtrade helps farmers and workers in developing countries to acquire a better position in the supply chain so that they can live from their work and can invest in a sustainable future.

Why is Fairtrade a necessity?

In Asia, Africa and South America many small-scale farmers are in constant uncertainty about their income. The strongly fluctuating world market determines that the crop yield is often so low that farmers are unable to support their families. Without a reliable income, they cannot invest in their company, in the future of their children or in their community. This is how poverty is maintained. Fairtrade breaks this vicious circle.In addition to small-scale farmers, plantations can also qualify for certification. The Fairtrade standards are aimed at a better life for the workers.

Choose ECO

For almost every promotional item, promotional clothing or company clothing we offer an ECO version, custom-made in the model and colour of your choice.

Socially responsible

We work exclusively with certified raw materials as RPET, from PET bottles, Fairtrade & GOTS organic cotton and produce in independently audited production sites.

Smart logistics

We offer you choice of direct delivery from the Far East to anywhere in the world or delivery through our office in NL. We guarantee an optimal price-quality ratio.


25 years of experience of Dutch and Chinese partners in custom-made productions of clothing and non-food items offer an optimal price-quality ratio.